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1/3 scale props for Smart Doll - 2024 Limited Edition Sakura Drinks - Several Styles

1/3 scale props for Smart Doll - 2024 Limited Edition Sakura Drinks - Several Styles

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Smart Dolls are made to travel; but all that walking and selfie taking makes a doll very thirsty. So what are they to do? Why order a To Go Cup of their favorite chilled beverage of course!
Choice of several versions and sizes. Large cups resemble 20oz 1/3 and small resemble 10-12oz glass. The small cups work well for SD, SmD, YosD, and MSD sized dolls. 
Iced Tea feature pebble ice mixed with sakura petals floating at the top
Boba has small boba beads at the bottom
Frappe's feature whipped cream and accents, the decorations on the cups is color changing!
The pink ombre' water bottles are hand painted to get the faded color effect (there will be some variation in intensity) and a irridecent blossom decoration

Each cup has been designed and modeled specifically for the dolls to hold and for use in photography. These are MINIATURES, not a plastic "toy". They feature to scale boba or ice cubes (lots of delicious research to get the color and transparentcy just right). Straws are plastic and these cups are filled (not inserts) to maintain transparency in the cup. Even still, these are meant for adult collectors or older children and can pose a choking hazard to small children and pets. We have to say it, even if its silly, but these are not real food items and are NOT edible.

Kit n Kat Shop Cosplay Props are 3D printed using liquid resin, they are sanded, primed, painted and sealed. All items are designed in-house and as such Kit n Kat Shop retains copyright to the .stls. Each set or run of props is unique and handpainted - no two sets will be exactly alike. All items come with a COA.

Kit and Kat Shop's exclusive hand-made props have been designedto work with a number of vinyl dolls such as Smart Doll, Volks Dollfie Dreams, and some Azone dolls, and everything is made to order by our staff. (OK, it's just the two of us, but we sound cooler if we say we have staff)



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