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Magnetic Clasp Necklace for Dolls - Toadstool Necklace (4 Color Choices)

Magnetic Clasp Necklace for Dolls - Toadstool Necklace (4 Color Choices)

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A simple pendant necklace for your Mori Girl - in 4 color options. Only a few for Spring. Please note: we have seen a similar necklace available for sale on Etsy but without our magnetic clasp - our item was listed and sold at convention prior to the other shop. It appears that they are using the same charm. We did not make this charm, but had extras after making an item for our own use. 

If you have a Ball Jointed or Vinyl doll, you know that finding bracelets and necklaces can be tough. It isn't that you can't find something cute, it's that the clasps are just so big! If the clasps were to scale, they would be almost 4 inches wide, and they just don't look right at scale.

Not only is the scale off, but lobster clasps and spring rings are a royal pain! You have to hold them open, stretch them around your dolls neck, try to make sure that you don't get their hair caught, and usually fail once or twice. Especially of your hands don't work as well as they used to.

That's why we developed the Magnetic Clasp that we use on all of our necklaces and bracelets. Not only are they easier to use, they provide a safety system for your dolls. The Magnetic Clasp will give way if the necklace or bracelet gets caught on something, rather than causing your doll to dangle by the wrist ! (they hate that!)

Check out our Magnetic Clasp Necklaces and bracelets, and don't forget to look for other jewelry as well! (such as ankle bracelets!)



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