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Smart Doll Prop Set - Tea Service for 2 with Scones

Smart Doll Prop Set - Tea Service for 2 with Scones

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Would you and your Smart Doll fancy a cup of tea? Nita here loves it with honey and a couple lemon slices.
To further the experience, a pair of lemon glazed blueberry scones from her favorite bakery.
Nothing so settles the nerves and calms the spirit like a cup of hot tea.

Specifically designed to work for Smart Doll scale! A team effort - Cory designed the tea service based on our
own design and it was printed, and painstakingly finished by Anna. Anna had sculpted the scones from polymer clay to resemble
a real recipe - Cory is a fantastic baker!

NOT A TOY! This set is intended for photography and collectible doll "play" or display.
Shapes of the set were designed in-house and are our original design and shape. 3D printed of resin, sanded, painted and finished.
Tea cups and teapot have resin "tea" and the teacups feature tiny lemon slices floating on top.
The pink bakery box has real bakery twine and bakers parchment inside with 2 hand sculpted blueberry scones, scaled to be held by Smart Doll.
The entire set comes shipped in a re-useable cardboard storage box and recyclable white paper shreds for storage between use.

Set Includes:
Teapot with removeable lid
2 filled tea cups with matching saucers
2 dessert plates
2 miniature scones
1 bakery box
Storage box



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