The Benevolent Order of Plangonologists


Plangonologist (noun, singular) A collector of dolls

 Our Mission

The Benevolent Order of Plangonologists is an international fraternal order of doll collectors. We are committed to the idea that ALL dolls are collectible, and ALL persons who collect them are valued and welcome.


Our Vision

Acknowledge, Embrace & Celebrate
  • It is our commitment that all dolls of any kind, type, brand, or manufacturer are seen as equal and valued to their owners without prejudice. ALL dolls are welcome.
  • Further, that all people who engage in the acquisition, care, and enjoyment of dolls are welcome, without prejudice. ALL doll people are welcome.
  • The members of the Order are charged with the responsibilities of fostering goodwill among fellow doll collectors, whether members of the Order or not. To promote the values of play to all that they may encounter. Exclusion of any doll or person is not tolerated. Equality and fidelity among fellow Plangonologists.


Rules of the Order

The Order is global and has no set boundaries, headquarters or borders. The Order maintains no institution or building. We do not maintain a board or governing body.  We do not compete with any other doll institution, club or organization.

The Order sets no definition or specifications on what qualifies as a doll for membership. Dolls include antique, vintage, modern, fashion, baby, handmade, commercially available, place of origin, fabric, resin, and even paper – all are dolls and equal in the Order’s charter.

Members of the Order are to refrain from comparisons of size of collection, value of collection or importance of another member’s collection. Collectors may have 2 dolls or 2000 dolls, and doll collections are for enjoyment, not status symbols.

Members of the Order are forbidden to exclude or dissuade doll collectors based on age, gender, nationality, religion, or orientation. Doll collectors may come from every walk of life and all are welcome.

Members are requested to recognize, affirm and encourage other members, non-members and potential members in the acquisition, care and enjoyment of dolls whenever the opportunity arises. Members may “boop” other members when recognized (declare – “BOOP!”) as a sign of solidarity among the Order. (Boop is based on the acronym of the Benevolent Order of Plangonologists, and the gesture was selected using the “Cat Principle”. If you Bop a cat, it will likely get angry. If you Boop a cat, there is at least a chance that it won’t get angry.)

There are no annual dues or maintenance fees required to be a member. Kit n Kat Shop currently offers official merchandise for sale to support this endeavor but there is no requirement to purchase said items. Official Membership Packets will be made available and will include a certificate as well as other official products. A small fee may be asked to cover the cost of producing and shipping the official Membership Pack.

Any member of the organization that has a store, shop, or sales channel may be granted permission to sell BOP themed or related products after a simple approval process.

There are no meetings or gatherings of any kind required to be a Member in Good Standing.

Localized Chapters may be created with no minimum number of members. If you wish to start a local chapter of the Order, we request that you simply notify the registrar of its existence. All Local Chapters MUST follow the core principles and rules of BOP.

The Benevolent Order encourages members to:

  • Engage in philanthropy in the cause of dolls and other good & charitable causes.
  • Promote the virtues and benefits of doll collecting.
  • Create a sense of fraternity and companionship among doll collectors.
  • Support fellow Plangonologists.
  • Engage in outreach to non-Plangonologists who may have an interest in the hobby.

 The overriding mission and purpose of the Order is to have fun!