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Bear Ear Doll Cosplay Magnetic Prop

Bear Ear Doll Cosplay Magnetic Prop

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A pair of customizable teddy bear ears for your Smart Doll!  Ears are NOT finished, they come sanded, primed and prepared for your own customization. Finished photo is a suggestion of what can be done. You can choose with or without the installation kit - you will need at least one installation kit for the first pair of ears. 

Kit n Kat Shop Cosplay Props are 3D printed using resin. While every effort has been made to eliminate or reject any flawed items, there may be on occasional print flaw.

Resin is also a hard substance, and may scratch the vinyl of your doll. If the props will be used directly on the vinyl, it is highly recommended that you add a small piece of fabric over the contact area. (Moleskin padding sold near foot care products in most stores is an excellent solution, as it is adhesive and can be removed/replaced if needed)

These parts are printed hollow to reduce weight, and may contain small amounts of uncured resin. While we double wash all items to remove any resin, we cannot guarantee that it has all been removed. Uncured resin can cause significant damage to vinyl. Please keep this in mind before leaving props on your doll for extended periods.

This product contains small parts and is not intended for use by children. It may present a choking hazard. This jewelry also contains magnets, which may cause serious medical issues if swallowed.

Kit n Kat Shop will not be held liable if these products are purchased for or used by small children. They are for adult doll collector use only.



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