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Magnetic Cosplay/ Costume Horns - Unicorn (Pearl or Gold)

Magnetic Cosplay/ Costume Horns - Unicorn (Pearl or Gold)

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These are back (as seen on the Dollfairy) - our spiral unicorn horns in 2 finisheds!
The first is a solft metallic gold for you magical girl or a pearl white finish with interference purple hightlight! Comes with interior magnet, putty and moleskin - everything you need!

Kit n Kat Shop Cosplay Props are 3D printed using liquid resin, they are sanded, primed, painted and sealed. All horns are designed in-house and as such Kit n Kat Shop retains copyright to the .stls. Each set or run of horns is unique and handpainted - no two sets will be exactly alike. Horn sets come with a COA.

Resin is also a hard substance and may scratch the vinyl of your doll. It the props will be used directly on the vinyl, it is highly recommended that you add a small piece of fabric over the contact area. Horn sets sold with interior magnets will include moleskin for covering the bottom, and putty as well. Horns sold with the headband do not require the additional protection.

We suggest if purchasing one of the larger horn designs to purchase with the installation set as these require a stronger than standard interior magnet.

Kit and Kat Shop's exclusive hand-made No-Hole horns and props have been designed without placing irreversible holes in your dolls or the use of damaging adhesives! They have been designed to work with a number of vinyl dolls such as Smart Doll, Volks Dollfie Dreams, and some Azone dolls using the Kit n Kat ORIGINAL No-Hole installation system for Vinyl Dolls. We use powerful, custom made magnets in our jewelry and kits, and everything is made to order by our staff. (OK, it's just the two of us, but we sound cooler if we say we have staff)

The Kit n Kat ORIGINAL No-Hole system for Vinyl Dolls is a one time purchase with simple installation that allows you to easily change your dolls look without placing holes in your dolls head. Put away your drills, your needles, and your thumbtacks! You're just scaring your dolls!

"But what if I want to use these on my resin dolls?", you may ask? Well we have you covered there as well! You may purchase the horns as is with the metal headband (we suggest covering the headband with a ribbon to match your doll's wig color). For the horns that are meant to fit on the face - you can use a small amount of eye putty to hold them for photography. If you have a doll that has magnets already embedded in the resin, contact us and we can do some custom orders, ensuring the magnets match the polarity of your doll.

All Kit n Kat Shop jewelry uses powerful, custom made magnets. While these are perfectly safe for your dolls, and preferable to making holes, they can be dangerous for small children and pets. Please remember that our products are intended for use by adult collectors, and should be kept away from small children and curious fur babies.



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