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Smartdoll Cyberskull Installation Kit with Tool

Smartdoll Cyberskull Installation Kit with Tool

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As shown in our video on Youtube - Culture Japan released the Smart Doll Cyberskull with spots designed for magnets to hold modifcations such as horns, cat ears, etc. Danny offered the information on what size but does not currently sell the magnets needed. 
We reached out to our manufacturer and had them custom make the strongest magnets possible for this item. 
We designed a simple tool that makes getting polarity correct and installing them easy. The tool can also be decorated as you choose and used as a hair accessory! (Add paint, jewels, ribbon or more to decorate it). 
How strong are the magnets? Just 2 are able to make contact and are strong enough to hold the entire head to our steel storage shelf frame! Our Jester cosplay has the largest, heaviest, solid horns we have made to date and they hold securely even through the thick wig!
As always, these are intended for adult collectors and pose a choking hazard to small children and pets. Do not ingest the magnets. Please follow our instructions when installing them in your doll.



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